So you are thinking about downsizing and moving to the city, but do not know where to start. We have some tips that you may not have thought of to help make the process easy. Downsizing can be a fun adventure in a new place, if you are prepared. The nuances between the suburbs and the city are many and you will want an advisor who knows about both the town you are leaving and the city you are moving to. 

Downsizing by definition means to make smaller and sometimes we forget how much we will need to get rid of when we move from a 2500 square foot house to a 750 square foot apartment or condo. You probably have a basement now, but your new place won't have a basement and you might want to invest in a storage unit if you are still storing your kids' college stuff in the basement. A good way to decide whether or not you need something is if you have used it in the past year and if so how many times. Something that does not get used often shouldn't make the cut.
After years of chauffeuring your children to sporting events and ballet, now you can have the chauffer. Ride sharing apps are another easier way to travel in the city without your own car. Between Uber and Lyft, you can have a car pick you up at your front door and bring you to your next destination. 

Boston's public transportation system is reliable and can get you just about anywhere. Using the subway will save you gas money and introduce you to new parts of the city. You will find that the T is the easiest and cheapest mode of transportation. Your morning commute on the T is the best place to catch up reading your favorite books. If you will be commuting to work by bus or subway, look to see if there are any stops that will bring you directly to your office. 

Finding the right neighborhood for you can be difficult, because cities have many vastly different areas. You should look for a neighborhood that is similar to your current town and that will be near some of the things you enjoy most about the city. For example, if you are from a sleepy town on the north shore you might want to move farther out in the city such as Brookline or Jamaica Plain. If you are moving from a larger busy town you might be comfortable with the hustle and bustle of the city, around the north end. If you love shopping and dining out, the south end has beautiful boutiques and easily accessible restaurants. 

All of these options may seem hard to juggle, but having the right advisor by your side will make all the difference. You want someone who is from the north shore and also knows the intricacies of the big city. "When you are ready to move forward, give us a call and we can help you downsize and enjoy all that Boston has to offer. For more information about the Papineau Partners, visit