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Papineau Partners of Andover announce the start of construction of Regency Place, a new development within Newcastle Estates. 

Regency Place is a new development that will feature eight new construction homes that are all fully customizable.  The neighborhood is near the Old Center and within ten minutes of Franklin elementary, North Andover Middle and High schools. The homes feature the latest technology and energy efficiency with upgraded special features. The high quality homes are single family with gorgeous wooded views in a secluded cul de sac. 

Carroll Construction, a third generation family of builders is the developer and builder for this project and has previously created successful neighborhoods in North Andover and Andover.  The construction company, in concert with Papineau Partners, recently built and sold the Autumn Chase development.  The 4500 plus square foot houses of Regency Place will be similar to those in Autumn Chase and are expected to create strong buyer demand. 

The new development will have a model home shortly that can be viewed by appointment "We want to help you create your dream home, and starting from the ground up is the best way to get exactly what you want" Gretchen Papineau remarked of the customizable houses.  If you are interested in this new development, contact Papineau Partners for more information.

Relocating - How to find the right community for you in Massachusetts

by Papineau Partners

Last time, we discussed the first steps you should be taking when you decide to relocate. Now, we’re here to talk about finding the perfect community for you.  There’s no doubt that Massachusetts is a desirable state to live in. The beautiful coast, bustling cities, and rich history surround us in the Bay state. So how are you supposed to choose the best community when there are so many options? Here are some ways to narrow down your search.


Finding a community that allows you to live comfortably and within your means is important.  If you’re relocating for a job that’s located in the city, you’ll have to choose between living a more expensive lifestyle closer to your job, or a less expensive lifestyle with a commute. Choosing to live in a community just outside of the city can dramatically decrease the cost of your living expenses. This is a popular choice for many people living in Massachusetts and working in cities like Boston. Towns located right outside of the city usually offer accessible public transportation right into the city.

Education system

Of course, if you’re a parent, this is a very important aspect of where you choose to settle down. However, even if you don’t have children, the state of an education system can tell you a lot about a community. A strong and growing education system typically translates into a thriving community with strong resale values. There are many communities in Massachusetts that offer great public and private school choices. 

Local amenities

When you’re not at home what are you doing? If you’re not much of a homebody, you may want to look into communities that have many local amenities close by. Are there good restaurants? Shopping? Town events? Parks? If you enjoy farmers markets and small businesses you will most likely find these in smaller communities. If you like the convenience of a store around every corner, you might prefer a larger community. Finding a community that matches your lifestyle is important.


Are you looking for a community where you can leave your door unlocked? Believe it or not, there are many communities in Massachusetts that are extremely safe and have little to no record of violence or crime. You may even be able to find communities that provide extra security. For example, the town of Andover provides an officer who is solely dedicated to patrolling the town square. Various communities also have police departments actively post FYI’s and safety information for the community on social media sites, such as Facebook.


So, do you have an idea of the community that will best fit your needs? Now that you’ve found the perfect community, it’s time to find the perfect home. For our next blog, we’ll help you narrow down your home search. Stay tuned for part three of our relocating series!





Relocating? – First Steps

by Papineau Partners

When you decide to relocate, you're doing much more than just buying a new home. Relocating is about building a life and a home around something that you are pursuing, such as a career. This is an important life event that should be handled with care, which is why we have dedicated a four part series for you homeowners taking the plunge.  Lets start with the "first steps" or as we like to call it, the "foundation" of your move.

Stay organized.

This is the number one thing to remember as you take your first steps in your relocation journey.  Being organized and on top of it all makes everything easier in the long run.  You know that "crazy coupon lady" you see at the store with the binder full of colored tabs?  Well, she's not crazy; she has the right idea.  Whether you keep a binder full of important documents, to-do lists, or an excel sheet of your budget, staying organized will keep you sane during your relocation.

Plan the logistics.

If you need to sell your current home in order to buy your new home, you should look into this as soon as possible. If you find your dream home in your new location, but you can't sell your current home, it can delay your ability to make an offer. The last thing that you want to do is add more stress onto your move. If you have the flexibility to buy a new home while your old home is still on the market this may not be an issue. Be sure to think about your current situation and options so that you can plan ahead if you hit any roadblocks.

Keep a safety net.

The second that you decide to relocate, it may be a good idea to put aside some extra money for the big move. Even if you plan everything and have an idea of the costs, you never know what wrench could be thrown into your plans.  I think that we have all heard the phrase "better safe than sorry." Having a safety net of funds will not only help you if you encounter issues but will also give you peace of mind during the process. 

Pick the right realtor.

Relocating is not something that you want to do on your own. Finding the best real estate agent for your needs is essential and can make your move much easier.  It may be a good idea to find an agent that specializes in the area that you are relocating to. Yes, this means having one agent for your home sale and another for your home buying needs. It pays to have someone knowledgeable on your side, especially when you are moving to an unfamiliar area.

So now you're organized, have a plan, a back up plan, and an agent to represent you – but now what? Well, it's time to find the best community for you!  In our next blog, we will discuss how to find the right community for your relocation in Massachusetts.

Stay tuned for part two of our relocating series. 


Follow Me to the First Floor!

by Papineau Partners

If you are searching for a new home, you will most likely discover that master bedrooms are found on the second floor of most multi-level homes. Traditionally, most homes have been built this way for a long time. For some, it just makes sense to have the master bedroom on the same floor as the other bedrooms and above the "living" area of the home. You can sum it up as the first floor being the "active," day time part of the traditional home and the second floor being the "low key" night time, and more private area. 

Well, the industry is always changing and so are our beloved master bedrooms. Today, you may start to find more and more master bedrooms on the first floor of homes. Here are some of the benefits to owning a home with a first floor master suite.

Growing pains
Many home buyers, especially those in the Baby Boomer generation, are finding that first floor master bedrooms can ease the adjustment into growing older. Having a master bedroom on the first floor alleviates any issues that some may have constantly traveling up and down the stairs. Even minor arthritis problems that can start earlier can be somewhat relieved by avoiding the trips up and down the stairs.

We need some space 
Home buyers with children, particularly teenagers, may find a first floor master bedroom helpful for privacy and space. Many parents have chosen to keep their children's bedrooms upstairs while they settle in the downstairs master bedroom. This can be especially helpful for larger families that just need some space and quiet time away from one another. You can also take advantage of your master bedroom being on the first floor once your home becomes an "empty nest." Homeowners with zoned heating can turn down or turn off the heat on the second floor to cut unnecessary costs.

Be our guest
Another perk of the first floor master is that it's great for "multigenerational living." Today, there are many households with parents, children and grandparents living together under one roof. Older family members can use the master bedroom while the rest of the family uses the upstairs bedrooms. If you have family members, or even guests that frequently visit and stay for periods of time, this can be helpful. It's always great to be able to have loved ones close by.

Show me the money
If you ever decide to downsize or relocate and sell your home, your master bedroom on the first floor could possibly increase your home's value. If you have a buyer that is specifically looking for a master suite on the first floor, this becomes an excellent match. Since first floor masters are a new trend, they may be rarer to find and therefore more desirable for buyers.

If you are on the fence about buying a home with a first floor master bedroom, consider these perks as you continue on your home search. We can help you find a home that provides you with absolutely everything that you want and need!


How do you Know You Picked the Right Agent?

by Papineau Partners

One of the first steps in buying or selling a home is finding a real estate agent to represent you and your real estate needs. While there are many resources available to help you pick the right agent, however, it's hard to know if they are the best match until you start working with them. Here are some signs that will indicate you've picked the right agent.

They are responsive.
Of course your agent won't be available 24/7 but that doesn't mean they can't respond to you in a timely manner. Your agent should be able to make the time to answer you within an hour, or at least acknowledge your needs and provide a better response at a later time.  There is no excuse for an agent not responding in a reasonable amount of time. This punctuality can be the difference between your real estate transaction being finalized in days or months. Even if an agent is busy, they should have a proven system for communicating on an ongoing basis with clients.

They listen to you.
Yes, your agent is the expert, but that doesn't mean they should dictate every decision for you. A good agent will listen to you and be there for you, rather than running the whole show. They should ask questions that allow them to get to the desired result, and they should listen intently to your answers. Your agent should always ask for your input and should never try to push you.

They are experienced.
This is a given.  Of course you want an agent that has copious experience in real estate and once you start working with them, it will be easy to tell. Experienced agents will treat real estate as their career, not just a side job. They are up-to-date with current market trends and will have many connections in the field.

They are professional.
While having a relaxed and friendly agent is generally a good thing, that shouldn't overshadow a professional demeanor. A good agent will always keep it professional no matter what.  If your agent is canceling appointments, showing up late, or even appearing sloppy and disorganized, you may want to cut ties. An agent like this sends the wrong message to all involved and reflects bad business behavior.

They make you feel comfortable.
You could have a very successful and knowledgeable agent, but if they make you feel uncomfortable at all, that is just not a good sign. If your agent has poor social skills or doesn't mesh well with your personality, this can make for a bad pairing. This is where you need to trust your gut and ask yourself if this is the best agent for you. Buying or selling a home is stressful enough; you shouldn't be worrying about any uneasiness between you and your agent.

In conclusion, if you are struggling to pick the right agent, keep these points in mind. Even if you have an agent, and things aren't running smoothly, take the time to think about each of these points and how your agent compares. With the right agent, your buying or selling experience can be close to flawless and even enjoyable.


Why a Diverse Team of Agents Can Benefit Consumers

by Papineau Partners

At Papineau Partners Real Estate we are more of a team and family than anything else.  This quality can be hard to find today, especially in the competitive real estate industry.  We find that our close, yet diverse team provides an unparalleled experience to our valued clients.  Here is why having a diverse team of new and experienced agents can benefit consumers.

Why Choose a Team?

Having a team of agents working for you, as oppose to an individual agent can provide many advantages.  The biggest plus is that a well-organized team can be more efficient in serving your specific needs.  A team of agents can be in four or five places at once, and there is a larger window for constant communication.  Having a team on your side means that multiple heads are working together to constantly find a solution for you.  A close team of agents will typically share ideas and tricks of the trade with each other. While there may be friendly competition, teams will work together to reach a common goal of serving all clients to their fullest potential.

Diversity Matters

While having a team is important, having a team with diverse skills and experience is even more important.  You may be quick to assume that a team of seasoned agents is the best team, but that isn't always the case.  While experienced agents bring stability and confidence, newer agents bring fresh ideas and experience in newly emerging fields and techniques.  Newer agents may be better at technological aspects of real estate and up-to-date marketing strategies online.  On the other hand, experienced agents may be experts in specific areas of real estate that they have perfected over the years.  When it comes down to it, you really want a good mixture of new and experienced agents to bring a variety of skills and perspectives to the table. 

So, before you stick with a traditional independent agent, think about all of the benefits that a diverse, real estate team can provide.  Working with a team that has new and experienced agents can provide consumers with a plethora of resources and knowledge that an individual agents may not have.

News to Homeowners: Experience Sells

by Papineau Partners

If you're selling your home, or thinking about selling your home, you've probably been searching for the right real estate agent.  In your search, have you been looking for an agent with experience?  How long does a realtor need to be in the industry before they are actually "experienced"?  To give you some perspective, here is what an agent with 20 or more years of experience can offer you when it comes to selling your home.

Strong Relationships
An experienced real estate agent will have connections with others in the field that newer agents simply won't have.  Years of working with others in the same industry gives an experienced agent a long list of contacts and a huge advantage.  Like any industry, the more networking a professional is exposed to, the better.  Of course, it's not just about who you know, but it certainly helps!

Keeping Calm
A real estate agent that has been in the industry for many years is going to deliver the best results in stressful or difficult situations.  This is because the agent has been exposed to many different scenarios over time.  An experienced agent will also be able to anticipate problems before they happen.  This is especially important for first time home sellers that may not know what to expect during the process. An agent with many years under his or her belt will keep calm and carry on instead of cracking under pressure.

Exposure to Buyers
So, how does an experienced real estate agent help sell your home? The answer is simple. They know which buyers want to buy your home and they know which strategies work best to attract those buyers. Your agent has had many years to figure out what works and what doesn't.  An experienced agent will get straight to the point when they are marketing your home for sale. 

Specific Expertise
A seasoned agent will usually have a specific niche within the real estate industry.  Whether they are knowledgeable about a specific location, or home type, they will know all the ins and outs.  If your real estate agent's expertise matches your specific needs as a seller, you're in luck.  This can be a huge advantage for home sellers.  Agents with 20 or more years of experience have had plenty of time to become an expert.

So, as you can see, choosing an experienced real estate agent can provide multiple advantages for you as a home seller.  As you look for an agent, consider having experience at the top of your checklist!


Confidential Document Shredding Day

by Papineau Partners

Do you have more sensitive documents than your home shredder can handle? Concerned about confidential documents and the security of your personal information?

The town of North Andoverwill be hosting a Confidential Document Shredding Day on Saturday November 12, from 9am to noon and the DPW offices. This is located at 382 Osgood St. The first box that is the size of a box of copy paper is free. Other boxes are $5 per box. A1 Datashred and their equipment will be handling all shredding.

What a great way to recycle and work towards the town goal of "reducing, reusing and recycling". Check out the website that the Sustainability Committee supports.

Discover these 12 Hidden Costs Before Buying Your Andover Home

by Papineau Partners

This summer is still a great time to buy a home in Andover as we see low mortgage rates and homes ideally priced on the Andover Real Estate market.  As Andover Real Estate agents, we’ve seen the market continue its upswing towards full recovery and many are opting to buy now before home prices rise.


If you are considering buying an Andover home soon; there may be a few hidden costs that are easy to overlook; especially if you’re a first time home buyer.  We wanted to point these 12 hidden costs out to you so that there are no surprises as you venture through the home buying process


1. Home Inspection- It is a great idea to hire a professional to inspect a home before you purchase as they can bring your attention to any major or long term issues.  Let us know if you need a recommendation for an Andover home inspector;  we’d be happy to help!


2. Pest Inspection- Buyers should consider having the wood of the home inspected for termites or other wood-destroying bugs. These inspections can run between $50-$200, but can save your home from further damage and larger costs.


3. Appraisal Fees- Before a purchase, your home must be inspected by a professional real estate appraiser as this helps lenders determine the amount of money to lend borrowers.


4. Closing Costs- At the final closing meeting in which you sign all documents, you should be prepared to pay closing costs which can be a few thousand dollars. These fees include processing fees, underwriting fees, recording, survey and title insurance fees. Many buyers roll these fees into their offer on the home and can be discussed with the seller and the participating agents. 


5. Moving Expenses- Unless you are moving down the street, you will have to be prepared for moving expenses such as renting movers, a moving truck, and any possible shipping costs depending on how far you are moving.


6. Furniture- You may come to realize that in buying a bigger home, you’ll have space to fill.  Buying additional furniture is an expense that can oftentimes be overlooked, but can be necessary in moving to your new Andover home


7. Property taxes and homeowners insurance- First time home buyers should be aware that your monthly bill will not only include the loan amount plus interest, but also the property taxes and premiums for homeowners insurance, which all mortgage borrowers are required to obtain.


8. Supplemental insurance- Buyers who are purchasing a home in a flood zone may have to buy supplemental insurance. There are tools online to help determine if your home is in a flood zone or we can discuss this as you view the homes in the Andover area that interest you. 


9. Homeowners association fees- There are many great neighborhoods and condos in Andover and the surrounding areas, some of which will have a monthly HOA fee. While you may not be keen on paying this additional cost, oftentimes it covers items such as trash removal, landscaping, or even golf fees. 


10. Utilities- These costs vary from city to city so it’s always good to expect to see a difference in monthly bills. We can help answer questions on the average costs of utilities in the Andover area!


11. Ongoing maintenance- You may love the thought of a large backyard, but keeping in mind the cost of maintaining your yard or garden. If you are buying your first home you may not have all of the tools such as a hedge trimmer or lawn mower to keep your Andover yard looking fresh. Also keep in mind any type of exterior or interior maintenance you noticed about your new home and factor in the additional costs.


12. Repairs- Covering all repairs tends to be one of the larger transitional points for those first time home owners.  It’s wise to set aside a small amount each month to ensure that if additional repairs are required, the funds are already in place to cover the extra expense.


As you think through the costs of home ownership and prepare for this big step in your life; we hope these tips will help you along the way.  If you haven’t started your Andover home search yet, or have questions about the Andover Real Estate market; we’d love to help!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with your questions or to get started.


We hope to hear from you soon!

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5 Myths To Be Aware of Before Buying Your First Andover Home!

by Papineau Partners

Buying a home in Andover is an exciting time as you imagine what your new home will look like and, if you’re relocating, all that Andover has to offer.  First time home buyers enter the Andover Real Estate market with not only a sense of excitement, but some anxious anticipation of what the home buying experience will entail.


As Andover Real Estate agents, we enjoy working with those looking to buy their first home and, as with any client, will walk with them through each step of the process.  While daydreams of the ideal home consume a first time home buyers thoughts, we always try to provide a realistic approach so that buyers know what to expect.  Below are five myths that many first time homebuyers hear that you’ll want to be aware of before you begin!


Myth #1- You’ll Find the Perfect Home- It’s easy to see visions of your ideal home when you begin thinking about buying your first Andover home.  And, while it’s good to have a list of things you’re set on having in your home; being flexible is key.  You most likely will not find a home with everything that you have on your wish list, and that’s okay! 


Myth #2- The House has to “Speak” to You- It’s common for first time home buyers to think that a home will grab your attention from the moment you step foot in the door- it will just feel like it’s speaking to you.  There are times that walking into a home, you’ll love the décor and the furniture that’s currently in the home and that may be the thing that’s grabbing your attention.  Remember to look past the current owner’s personal touches to the actual flow and features of the Andover home.  Alternatively, don’t write off a home on first sight because you don’t like the current style.  Things like paint and even flooring can be changed.  Look beyond the surface!


Myth #3- Never Buy a Home with An Old Furnace- While an old furnace can be a pain to fix or even replace, disregarding a home for this issue alone is not necessary although this myth is often believed.  Buying a lower priced home with a faulty furnace that needs to be replaced can be a better choice than buying a more expensive home in which the furnace does not need to be replaced. Of course you want to be aware of other issues with older homes such as wiring and plumbing; which can become very costly.  The bottom line is to weigh the pros and cons and don’t focus too heavily on those things that can be changed if the price of the home is right!


Myth #4- You Should Buy a Home You Can Grow Into- Planning ahead for the future is wise, and if you’re considering having a family, you may think you need a four bedroom home now.  However, what happens if an unexpected move or job transfer arises or circumstances change?  You may know that you plan on living in Andover for the rest of your life; which is great!  The idea is to simply think through your goals for the future, as well as what you can afford for right now.  If you can’t afford a large home right now, don’t worry.  You’d rather have a smaller home now and be able to live without the stress of a major financial burden.


Myth #5- You Have to Win in the Negotiation- First time home buyers feel that in order to “win” a negotiation; they have to have the final word.  There can be a lot of back and forth between you and the seller, and it may be easy to want to fight for the refrigerator or minor repairs to be made.  But, you don’t want to get so emotionally involved with “winning” that you lose sight of the big picture. Buying a home in Andover is a business transaction, so it’s best to keep your emotions out off the table.


We hope that by highlighting and explaining a few of these myths that you’ll have a better understanding of what you can expect when buying your first home in Andover.  As always, if you have any questions, we’re here to help and would be happy talk with you about the Andover Real Estate market


We look forward to hearing from you!

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